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March 27, 2011



Your projects turned our so pretty Cheryl! I finally just started unpacking and putting things away today! I loved all the classes so much and only need to add a few finishing touches to my projects. Have a great week ahead.

scrappy jessi

hey sweets,
all of yours turned out amazing!!!
i love the pink and black on jenny and aarons. so cute.

Susan Shintaku

Your projects came out great. I love seeing everyones personal spin on them. I still haven't even finished unpacking everything. As soon as this cold passes I hope to tackle my projects. take care,


WEren't they great projects? I loved doing them. Yours have turned out wonderful!

I'm going to Carol's this weekend with the girls coming in town, I'll miss you there.I wish it could have worked out for you to come too.

Stoneham vinyl lettering

Wow these are so great. I don't have an artistic bone in me but I've always been drawn to crafts. I wish I have an eye for art like you do.

denise hahn

they look great Cheryl!


You should start your own magazine! Very nice, Cheryl!


Wow Cheryl- you rock! They are all beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us. I'm in awe!

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