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March 26, 2011


Grace P

whahaha OMG! I Adore you and your "special" talent to capture EVERYTHING!! lol Of course I spit my coffee when I saw the picture of the can can's booty! Too cute. Great pictures you have captured Kim's wonderful event perfectly and shared it with all of us that could not attend. Ok I will be prepared for Jenn's event in October to have "Depends" when you are around! lol Grace xoox

scrappy jessi

eeekkk so fabulous!!!
i swear cynthia's shot is such a hoot.
love that girl
love you too.
thanks for hosting the cocktail party! it was a blast!!! see ya soon sweets

Kim Caldwell

I can't believe it is over! Funny how something you work on forever is done in an instant! Such wonderful memories sweet friend. . .




Oh, you really captured it for us who weren't there -- I just love, love, love that photo shoot! And where the heck do you get fishnets anymore, anyway? Boy, am I out of the "Parisian" loop!! It looked like so much fun, Cheryl, thank you for sharing!!

denise hahn

great pics Cheryl!

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