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January 31, 2011



Looks like such a wonderful time!!! So wish I could've been there. But I'll see you all at Moulin Rouge!


We are still reading and waiting for you!!! lol Looks like a fun time was had by all. Love the banner!! Grace xoox

denise hahn

love the love banner, sooo wanted to make that one, but real life called and I had to work that day. Looks like you ladeis hada wonderful time!


so glad you were there, Cheryl and I love what you did with the project. Thanks for the kind words and beautiful photos!


Oh how fun, Cheryl! The classes look absolutely wonderful and going to French General is SOOOO on my bucket list! :-)

And how special treat to get to see Julie! I'm sure there were plenty of you to give her a round of hugs!



PS...your banner is exquisite! Love in progress and all!


Oh Charlotte, you did have a great table full of fabulous people! I just loved meeting you and your joyful spirit. Thanks tons for joining us in that good ole weekend of greatness! 'Til next time!

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